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What We Do

Lifelong Dream LLC is a game software development company, formed to develop high quality video games for a variety of platforms. The company was formed in May 2013 to bring the core team together to complete projects. Watch this space for information on future projects and our developer diary!

Why We Do It

For many, many years, the members of Lifelong Dream LLC have played and enjoyed video games, both console and PC. They've shared their passion and interest for games with each other. Recently, these discussions have moved more and more into the area of game design and what works and does not work. We think we know the answer and we want to show the world. We have many stories we wish to share with you.

Who We Are

Dan McGillen

Dan has been fascinated by Video Games and how they work ever since he got to try his neighbor's Atari 2600 back when he was 5 years old! Over the the subsequent decades, Dan has played a wide variety of games on a wide variety of systems, both classic and current. In particular, Dan spent much of his formative years playing every SNES Role Playing Game he could get his hands on. Games like Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy Series (especially VI) held his interest and captured his imagination and have not let it go. It was from these games and Dan learned a game can be about more than gameplay - it can tell a story, educate, or even cause a person to examine their own personal philosophy and beliefs. It can move a person emotionally. Although technology has moved on, and the storytelling methods have matured, Dan holds a soft spot in his heart for these old classic RPGs, which informs his writing and design philosophy today. Dan has worked in the IT industry for 10 years, and in Software/Database Development for the last 5 years. Dan is thrilled to be finally chasing his dream of more than half his life and be working on developing video games.

Brian Kemery

Brian has a solid background in both console and PC gaming, across just about every genre: the slow-moving story that makes you laugh and makes you cry, the fast-paced action that provides instant gratification, and the brain-busting logic games that force you to engage your brain. His video game experience had humble beginnings with Jumpman Junior on the Commodore 64. Once he moved on to games like Adventure and Defender on the Atari 2600, he was forever hooked. In high school, Brian started playing more games on the computer, becoming immersed in cerebral adventure games such as Myst, Obsidian, and Shivers. With the creation of the Steam platform, Brian discovered an entirely new world of indie gaming. This revealed to him the viability of game development outside of big game companies. Brian has been involved in Alpha and Beta testing for a variety of games over the years, which has exposed him to many of the problems game developers encounter along the way. He has a strong interest in game design, writing, and graphic art. His many years of experience working with computer graphics, editing, and SQL data analysis, along with his incredible eye for detail, will certainly provide a huge boon to any game development project. Brian is very excited to finally stretch his wings and give something back to the gaming community.